Let’s A Take Look at New York Fashion

When it comes to New York Fashion, it speaks for itself. I love New York Fashion because it’s a melting pot of style. You’ll see different styles, looks, and trends. It is really defined for its uniqueness. Each borough has different looks. We are the fashion capital. Everyone stays on top of their game here and the average person is fashion conscious. We bring fashion ideas and make it happen. We take the root of it and make it blossom into something special. New York is a place full of creative talent. A place where people mix cultural into their trends. A place where you see glamour, modernity, and multiculturalism in someone’s outfit. Our fashion is easily influenced by the streets, music, museums, media, theater, trade shows, tourism, and the garment district. So how do we define New York Fashion.

I know the perfect way to introduce New York Fashion to you. I will show you through my eye and the eyes of other New York natives. You can’t define New York without including people who live and breathe New York. Let’s take a look at New York Fashion.

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Laid Back Style of West Coast

Written by: Nia

If you had to put my style in a category it would be artsy-vintage. Honestly, I’m just a sucker for a good floral print and dresses. However, living in SoCal, the fashion trends are completely different from my personal style.

Comfort is the key factor in west coast style with the main trends being Athleisure, Bohemian, and Casual. I feel like East coast fashion shows out because of the high population of people in New York City. In contrast, San Diego is more laid back but at the same time they try really hard to maintain that “laid back” lifestyle.


Athleisure is wearing athletic clothing outside of athletic activities and it’s a super popular trend outside of the west coast. It’s so comfortable and honestly pretty convenient. Imagine a scenario where you’re being chased; the person with athletic clothing will be able to get away faster because of the convenience. This trend is definitely not me, I was insecure the whole time I was doing the shoot. Part of it being the everyone was watching me from my balcony. Continue reading “Laid Back Style of West Coast”

Fanny Pack

The fanny pack was recognized in the world of fashion in 1962 thanks to Melba Stone. Melba Stone was given credit for inventing the fanny pack. Outside of the United States the fanny pack is referred to as the “bumbag”. When I researched the history of the fanny pack there were many articles that provided information. According to one of sites, the bag has been around since 3,300 B.C. The style was worn by the ancient Deadman and they used to use these bags to carry their necessities. It would be worn around waist. Based on Men’s Health Magazine, fanny packs were around in multiple eras but came in many different fabrics.

The fanny pack impacted late 1980s. The 80’s were the golden years for the fanny pack. It was everywhere. It became such popular item because it was so easy to put your necessities inside the pouches and wrap it around your waist. It was worn by bikers, soldiers, teenagers, and adults. As many trends, the fanny pack was short-lived, it just faded out of style. There are many reasons why it went out of style. Two reasons were; adults rocking the trends and teenagers weren’t feeling it and fanny packs going hand and hand with a person’s silhouette.

As predicted the trend found its way back into our closets and fashion shows. It not surprising that the fanny packs are now back in style. I styled three different looks wearing a fanny pack. I already owned two fanny packs, one from designer Michael Kors and another from Calvin Klein. I just recently purchased one from Express. I purchased the two before the trends become poppin again. I would wear them when I’d to go to the park with my daughter. I purchased the Michael Kors’ and Calvin Klein’s’ bags in Loehmanns. I owned it for a while now. I want to show you my take on  how I wear the fanny pack.

Let’s start with the fanny pack from Express. I purchased the Express Chain Strap Belt Bag when I was on date with my husband. I kidnapped my husband when I saw it on Express’ Instagram. I was lucky enough to find the black bag. When I look at the fanny pack, it makes reminds me of casual and relaxed. I wanted to style it with an outfit on Saturday at work. I work as an office manager at a dentist office. Since I am ready for Spring, I went with a floral print skirt from the Victoria Beckham collection from Target. It is still reasonably cold in New York. The Winter has become very tiring for me even though I hate the summer. I layered a heavy knitted sweater from French Connected, which has two splits in the side which gives a nice highlight of my curves without making me look bulky. It was about giving color to this outfit. Workwear doesn’t have to be bothering and boring. Adding colors can impact your mood. The pop of citrine from my chunky scarf and blue suede boots made the outfit pop while giving the skirt life. Then there is the flawless contrast between those colors.  It is about keeping warm while maintaining my style, so I paired black tights with blue sailor coat boots to balance out the look.

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Let’s Step Into The 80’s

The 80’s was an era where people worked out, worked harder, played harder, and consumed even harder. I entered this world in 1990 an era where drugs were hurting America. We had President Ronald Reagan fighting the war on drugs and telling us “Make America Great Again.” The era where Hip-Hop became something big. You had Rock N Roll and Hip-Hop groups like Aerosmith and Run DMC making a hits together. Hip-Hop became Global. It was about breaking barriers between two races that were against each other with music. An era that introduced us to the first billionaire, Bill Gates who gave us Microsoft. A time when messy and loud hair were acceptable. The 80’s fashion was all about being big and bold.

698966-106811 (1)

Run DMC and Aerosmith

The 80’s was an era when money was at the top of the list.



After graduating college, I learned so much about Fashion History. I have to thank my History professor for that. I am in love with every era because each era gave us something different that effected our culture. When it comes to the 80’s, prominent figures such as the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Madonna and classic hit of Cyndi Lauperwith Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (Ok, Ok I do know some pop culture from the 80’s). My favorite movie was made in the 80’s “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. For all my Latinos , in the 80’s we had Selena who had her recording debut and broke the barrier with Tejano Music. She was our Queen of Tejano. (Between us when I was writing this I was listening to 80’s music to get into the groove for this article. I had to feel the 80’s.)

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“Get into the groove
Boy you’ve got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be”
“Music can be such a revelation
Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right
I hope this feeling never ends tonight “

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90’s in Effect

I was born in an era when wearing overalls with the straps down was popular, the mood ring that we believed would tell us how we were feeling, when LL Cool J wore his pants and sweats with with one leg rolled up. In that era, the mesh top was such a popular trend that all you had to do was to get some old fishnet tights to wear a top to be acceptable. I was born in 1990 where I had the opportunity to watch shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Full House, Boy Meets World, The Simpson, and many more. The 90’s was the era that featured many trends and popular shows that had us on our toes.

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A Day of Rain

Over the weekend, the tri-state area was dealing with so much rain I had to break out the rain boots I had in my closet. When I tell you, I have not seen my rain boots over two years, it could be longer. The weather left me with no choice, I had to take them out.

I went with my purple rain boots from Diseal to keep my feet nice and dry. I paired it with dark washed jeans from Calvin Klein which turned out to be the perfect combination since I prefer dark wash jeans in cooler weather. I went with a pink plaid button up from Forever21. As for my outerwear, I wouldn’t recommend going with a faux fur coat from Forever21 because of the rain but since I was inside the car I wasn’t affected by the rain. A perfect coat to wear in this weather condition is the classic trench coat. I went with a small bag from Kenneth Cole Reaction Mini Crossbody to keep my hands free for my family and frozen yogurt.

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My Day in Hoboken, New Jersey

On my mini-vacation, but as many parents know and completely understand we don’t have real vacations. I took my vacation and took care of busy and enjoyed my husband. During the vacation, I had the opportunity to go to Danielle’s opening (add her ig here: Muneca Mullins) in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Danielle in last years Manhattan Vintage Show when I purchased a 90’s fishnet cardigan and early 80’s print skirt. Since then we have grown to know each. It was quite an honor when she invited me to her opening, it was a pleasure to go. Her studio was filled with Vintage pieces, which you know I purchase some items.

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